“The first thing I said to Dr Portelli, when I sat on the patient chair in 2008, was ‘Please help me settle every area of my life’. With work done from my side coupled with the effective techniques that this exceptional psychologist provides; in 2023 I can say that most areas of my life are successfully settled. Dr Portelli was and still is the mind I go to every time I need clarity, encouragement and guidance. Her clinical therapeutic strategies equip one with the right tools & skills leading to making the right decisions in life, ultimately to live the best and most meaningful life ever. Dr Portelli was a significant instrument in my transformation – her continual professional advice was of great support in helping me get to where I want in my life. I am deeply grateful to Dr Portelli, who is now also my mentor – she was and still is a pillar in my holistic self-development.”

Angela Salerno

“Thanks to the OCD clinic and Brief Strategic Therapy, it’s as if I’ve learnt to walk again. The tools given allowed me to stop struggling with my feelings, emotions and thoughts. When this exhausting struggle, which consumed my time and energy, finally ceased, I began to live authentically. Now I can stop needlessly trying to avoid my ‘inner monsters’ and can instead face them, with greater acceptance and resilience and strength that I didn’t know I had. Therapy made me  realized that the real monsters were not the challenges themselves, but rather my futile attempts to fight them.”

Deborah Rossetto
Italian Designer & Illustrator residing in Malta

“Last year when my OCD was at its worst, I felt very lonely as my mind was taken over by obsessive thoughts and mental rituals that I felt I couldn’t talk about – even with my own immediate family and my closest friends. Reaching out for help was definitely a very difficult step to take but taking it was the best decisions I could have made. Thanks to the professional help and therapy I received, my life is once again fulfilling and meaningful. I am back on the path towards realising my goals and full potential as I am just about to graduate in a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I can’t wait to learn how to help and guide others in the same way my therapists have guided me. One thing that stuck with me from therapy is its ability to help me see myself in a completely different light, teaching me how to feel and trust my own intuition more rather than rely too heavily on my thinking. After all, as my therapist put it, “there can be no answers to unanswerable questions in life, no matter how much we ruminate, think or worry about our lives’ ‘what ifs’. The peace of life does not exist in what might be or what has already happened, it exists in the here and now.”

Kyle Muscat

“First of all I would say that looking back at those last few years any “anxiety period” brought me to a better chapter of my life, as there is a big hidden path in life that is already traced to bring us to live better but that we sometimes refuse or simply cannot see and all this anxiety works as a red flag to remind our inner self that we are on the wrong path. Second, I would like anyone to know that anxiety/panic is not a permanent status in life, through the right psychotherapy and the right attitude anxiety and status can switch from being a nightmare to be that red flag I was talking above that comes just when you do not listen to your true self. However – thanks to the therapy you will learn how to listen your true self without the need of that red flag so anxiety will literally become just a memory. It won’t be easy and it won’t be necessarily super fast but thanks to Claudette I really managed my anxiety being now more daring and ready to take up new challenges like moving to different countries alone, like practicing new adrenalinic sports like surf and much much more. So if you are searching for a real change in your life and for learning how to really listen to your inner self, start a therapy, it won’t be easy, but it will definitely change your life to the best 🙂 .”

Consuelo Speranza