Why Online Therapy Works Well with OCD treatment

by Dr Claudette Portelli   Keywords: online therapy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, resistances, effectiveness, efficiency, brief strategic therapy, the OCD clinic, research, benefits, therapeutic alliance   Meta-description: Highlights the benefits of online therapy with OCD and its variants. In addition to being a versatile and convenient option in supporting mental health problems in general, online therapy offers […]

What are the symptoms of OCD? How does OCD manifest itself?

Keywords: Obsessive compulsive disorders, symptoms, pure O, generalized anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions, effective therapy   Meta description: Highlights the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and its differences with anxiety, phobias, Pure O and Addictions. It outlines the modality and function of compulsions, and the vicious circles which traps in seemingly no-way-out-situations. Yet today there are effective […]